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The Design & Development Division at Padmini VNA is at the core of the innovation that powers key domestic and global OEMs. Explore our product offerings across EGR, solenoids, actuators, evaporative components, and electronic controller sensors.


Abiding by our mandate to constantly innovate, we develop energy efficient technologies under the Special Projects Group and QuadSun Solar.

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A 30-Year Legacy of Innovation, Lean Production and Quality Control In Clean Carbon Emission Control System Technologies

About Padmini VNA

At Padmini VNA, we are committed to enabling the world’s leading automotive OEMs to comply with carbon emission control regulations, and to redefining industry standards for fuel emissions through cutting edge manufacturing, research and development and innovation across our portfolio of emission control system products. At Padmini VNA, teams of engineers, automotive technology scientists, managers and workers come together to zero down the gap with your requirements of clean technologies.

At Padmini VNA, we manufacture best in class solenoids, actuators, evaporative components, electronic controller sensors, and EGRs that reduce carbon emissions, augment fuel efficiency and enhance economic efficiency of automobiles.



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Engaging With People For A Greener Planet Beyond Profits

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Jan 12, 2019

Innovative ClearBlade wiper system

Launch of innovative ClearBlade wiper system which is produced by Clear Tech…