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Our Company

Padmini VNA is spearheading innovation in the journey towards smarter automobiles and a greener planet by engineering emission control systems of global quality standards.

Padmini VNA Mechatronics is a company, which is exuberantly dedicated to innovation, rapid design & development and lean production with automated quality control. An Indian emission control systems major, Padmini VNA is facilitated to offer solutions for the rapidly changing emission control requirements in a cosmic scenario of fast adoption of stricter norms for environmental protection.

Since our inception in 1990, we have been showcasing our panoramic range of energy efficient & reliable components that enable contemporary vehicles to provide more performance with less fuel consumption & fewer emissions. Padmini VNA sources a vast range of components spanning every domain of emission control systems while keeping in concern cost effectiveness and better efficiency.

The very DNA of Padmini VNA is innovation, and this is reflected in the fact that engineers in our Design & Development Department constitute over fifty percent of our total employee strength. Furthermore, over ten percent of Padmini VNA’s sales is invested in our Design & Development Department.

Padmini VNA’s innovative capabilities are recognized globally and we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of emission control systems to key OEMs across North America, South America, Europe and Japan.

Our History

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Padmini Engineering is founded by Kabir Bhandari. With a strong focus on innovation, the company revolutionizes the automotive horn by extending the product lifecycle.

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Padmini Engineering emerges as a leader in the Indian horn market.
Company expands its product portfolio to include clean emission solutions such as EGR Valves, Water Separator & Solenoid Valves.

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Padmini Engineering is sold to its Tier-1 European partner.
Padmini VNA Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd is established and the focus shifts to the development of sophisticated technologies including EGR Systems, Vacuum Pumps and Solenoids.

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Padmini VNA receives the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. The company will go on to repeat this feat for the next five years.

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Continuing its focus innovation, Padmini VNA establishes the Special Projects Division and QuadSun Solar to drive expansion in the Personal Cooling and Solar markets. Under the QuadSun Solar brand, Padmini develops one of the world’s most efficient concentrated solar thermal devices.

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Global OEMs such as Toyota, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler recognize Padmini as their development partner.

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Padmini VNA successfully increases its total patent count to 45. The portfolio of patents includes products that are the first of its kind such as the Dual Purge Valve, the world’s most efficient class of Vacuum Pumps and a high efficiency Seat Cooling system.
Padmini VNA expands internationally through Joint Ventures with Cleardrive Technologies and DEC.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

At Padmini VNA, we are committed to driving sustainable business growth for our customers by enabling them to reinvent fuel economy, rationalize costs, reduce carbon emissions and make automobiles more energy efficient and smarter.

We manufacture emission control systems that allow reduction in carbon emissions, energy consumption and costs. Through our cutting edge technology we enable auto manufacturers to achieve compliance with carbon emission standards and operate within permissible pollution limits stated by regulatory bodies and local governments across geographies.

Our Values

  • Integrity: From the quality of the products we manufacture to collaboration with customers and the welfare of our employees, we are committed to ensuring fairness for all our stakeholders.

  • Employee Happiness: The journey to engineering assets that resolve customer challenges begins with bringing smiles to the faces of each our employees.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our production processes, people and high end emission control products are all directed towards enabling customers to unlock the highest value from our automotive innovation.