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Founded in 1992 in New Delhi, Padmini’s first products were automotive horns that were specifically designed for the demanding conditions of the Indian market. Heavy horn usage, dusty conditions, and horizontal monsoon rains caused horns designed for European and Japanese duty cycles to fail, and Padmini solved that problem by manufacturing its own horn design. By the late 1990’s, Padmini’s horns could be found in >80% of all new passenger cars sold in India. The horn division was later sold to Hella, and Padmini began investing in emissions controls.

Padmini is now one of the leaders in emissions controls systems in India and has diversified to a broad range of mechatronics actuators, serving Japanese, European, Indian and American automotive OEMs. The vision is to continue growing through heavy investment in in-house research, design, validation and production process refinement.

Success in the automotive business has also led to investments and product development support in two non-automotive cleantech ventures, in the areas of concentrated solar power and personal cooling. 

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Mr. B.S. Manuja (Sr. Vice President)

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Mr. Oliver Mann (Business Development Manager + Head of Sales Europe)

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Ms. Jean Marie  (Supplier Development Systems - US)

Mobile:     +1 ( 256 ) 457-5700


Marketing & Sales Enquiries (Mr. Ankit Goel - Manager)

Mobile:     +91-9711477267

General Enquiries / Reception

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Padmini VNA Mechatronics Pvt Ltd

Plot No. 100-101, Sector 35,

HSIIDC Udyog Vihar Phase VII

Gurgaon - 122001,

Haryana, India.



Non-Automotive Ventures

Ambio Personal Cooling

ambioLogoAmbio Personal Cooling designs and manufactures products that cool the human body, instead of cooling the entire room. This allows for >80% energy savings compared to conventional methods of air conditioning. The first two product launches are an air-conditioned blanket for household use and a cooling-vest system for industrial use.

Quadsun Solar

quadsun-logoQuadsun Solar offers the most cost-effective solar heating and combined heat and power solutions. This is enabled by our unique design and production methods that combine spacegrade innovation with proven commercial technologies to deliver the lowest cost of energy.