Testing Capabilities

Hot Gas Flow Test Bench (EGR Module Test System)


Temperature Range Testing 200 to 1100⁰C
Hot Gas Flow Maximum 360 Kg/hr.
Hot Gas Flow Minimum 36 Kg/hr.
Combustion Air Pr.  Burner Inlet 6.5 Bar
Fuel Gas Pressure Burner Inlet 7 Bar
EGR Inlet Maximum Pressure 6.5 Bar
Water Flow Minimum 10 LPM
Water Temp. Maximum 130⁰C

Engine Dynamometer


Dynamometer Specification
Model AG 80 (SAJ)
Type Eddy Current
Power 80 Kw
Torque 160 Nm
Rpm (Max.) 9000
Inertia 0.0275 kg. m²


Vibration cum Environmental test chamber


Rated Force  1500 Kgf (Peak SINE & rms Random)
Operating Frequency Range 1 Hz to 2500 Hz (with control operation from 5 Hz)
Max. Displacement (Stroke)  38mm (p-p) in auto mode
Max. Acceleration 90 ‘g’
Max. Velocity 1.2 m/sec
Armature Mass 17 Kg
Payload Capacity 50 Kg
Internal Dimension 750mm x 750mm x 750mm
Temperature Range -60°C to +180°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1° C
Humidity Range 20% to 98% Rh in the temp. range of 20°C to 80°C.
Humidity Control Accuracy ±2% Rh
Cooling Rate 3°C / min, average rate of change from ambient
Heating Rate 3°C / min, average rate of change from ambient

Thermal shock chamber


Internal Dimension 400mm x 400mm x 400mm ( Hot & Cold compartment  )
Capacity 50 Kg (Approx.)
Temperature Range  Hot Compartment  : 10° C above ambient to +150°C

Cold Compartment : -60°C to +50°C

Shock test machine


Standard followed IS 9000 (Part-7) 1979 and IS 9002 (Part-7) 1983
Table Size 400mm x 400mm
Load Capacity 25 kg
Acceleration (Peak) Continuously adjustable up to 50G
Drop Height 45 mm ± 4 mm (Adjustable)
Pulse Shape Half-sine
Pulse Duration 5-11ms (±1 milliseconds)
Shock Rate ½ shock/second (Adjustable)
Shock Rate Control Through SCR controlled DC motor

Salt spray chamber


Performance To carry out salt-spray testing, at varying temperature ranges, as per JIS 2371
Temperature Range 35°C to 50°C ± 2°C
Workspace 600mm x 450mm x 450mm
Temperature accuracy ± 1°C
Humidity Saturated
Fog Collection rate 0.5  To  2.0 ml / hr.

Dust test chamber


Performance JSS-55555 and IS 9000 PART-XII
Test Space Volume 750x750x750mm
Temperature range Ambient to 50 °C
Dust Collection 25±5gm within 5 Minutes, as per IS-9000.

Rain test chamber


Performance JSS-55555 and IS 9000 PART-XVI 1983
Test Space Volume 500x500x500mm
Water Shower Shower spray angle, intensity and position is adjustable and intensity is adjustable from four sides.
Test part weight capacity 50 kg