Special Projects Group

Special Projects Group

Established as an Innovation Cell, Padmini VNA’s Special Projects Group (SPG) is dedicated to exploring innovations to open up new markets. The Group has developed a range of fascinating products across personal cooling and clean water consumption.

Air-Conditioner Blanket

The first personal cooling blanket that cools your body and not the environment.

The first personal cooling blanket or a powerful sleep solution with technically proven results that cools your body, not the atmosphere. It adjusts your mattresses temperature in a moment and fits on any bed. Air Cooling Blanket eliminates night sweat and makes sleeping better with the top-rated bed climate comfort.

  • Extremely Portable
  • Cools your body instantly
  • Directed personal cooling in bed
  • Extremely power efficient

Cooling Vest

First of its kind wearable micro-climate control system, submersed in fluid. Can be used in adverse environments and as safety equipment in harsh temperature conditions. Usually worn outside the clothing as the liquid streams inside chills off by the compressor, results in reducing the body temperature.

  • Micro compressor based cooling system
  • Instantly cools the body
  • Light weight
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Long battery life

Liquid Seat Cooling and Heating

Cooled and heated automotive seating system.

Padmini VNA steps forward to the trend setting innovation and advanced technology, leveraging the experience of the personal cooling space, we have innovated the Liquid Seat Cooling and Heating Technology. This is a home-grown solution intended to withstand the severity of the all seasons and instantly cools & warms the passenger’s body.

  • Cooled (or heated) water flow through a polymer layer below the seat surface.
  • Cools the body directly.
  • Reduced need of cabin AC.
  • Fast cool down & lower NVH.
  • Better comfort than conventional air ventilated seats.