Our electronics hardware and software development is carried out in-house. From PCB layout and simulation, to physical product validation and final assembly, everything is done alongside our mechanical division. Below are some of the products that have been developed recently:


BLDC Water Pump Motor Controller

ele1Single-phase brushless motor driver, fitted into the same housing as the water pump. Provides variable speed control of the motor, as well as all necessary over/under voltage protections.


EGRecuControl of solenoid, vacuum and DC motor based EGR valves based on throttle position and RPM (for non common-rail diesel engines). Driving either the EGR valve solenoid coil, DC motor or air-solenoid valve directly. Dust and water resistance rating up to IP67, with some models designed inside aluminum housings with extra-high vibration resistance that are mountable directly to the engine block.

Power Window Lifter Control Unit

window lifterControl of window movement, with auto-up/auto-down and anti-pinch control without a window position sensor. Input of analog and digital signals to the control unit, with output current switching up to 15A

Diesel Back-Up Power Generator with AMF

Genset ControllerFully-featured automatic mains fail controller for diesel backup generators. Turns on the genset and disconnects the mains power automatically in case of grid power failure. Engine overload and thermal protection, EGR control, multi-language display and GSM monitoring capabilities.