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Established in 1991 with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, PVNA has successfully made its mark as the go-to name for environment-friendly auto components. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and research & development facilities in India, it has placed 'Made in India' auto components on the global roadmap, becoming well-renowned for its technological capabilities and quality manufacturing around the world.

And this is just the beginning. PVNA is committed to driving sustainable business growth for its customers along with reducing carbon emissions and making automobiles more fuel-efficient. With a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, PVNA has been continually innovating on and incorporating new technological developments with ecological strategies, building an entire ecosystem of reliable world-class sustainable components for a cleaner, greener future


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Our History


Padmini Engineering is established with the goal of undertaking both Research & Development and Manufacturing in India. A forerunner in the "Make in India" mantra, Padmini establishes its first facility in New Delhi, India. Automotive horns are the company's first product offerings.


The car horns business is sold to Hella. Padmini VNA is established with a focus on emission reduction technologies for the powertrain.


Customer base expands to include leading OEMs such as Hyundai, Valeo, Fiat. A Joint Venture is established with TT Electronic for the development of sensors. Adhering to its core goal of undertaking Research & Development in India, Padmini VNA commences development for the BS-VI emission standards in 2010.


With more than 230 patents filed in its name, PVNA commences development for Hybrid and BEV Technologies.

Across BS-VI and Electric Vehicles, PVNA’s customer base expands to include the VW group, BMW, Toyota (Japan), Ford, John Deere, IMI, Scania, Honda (two-wheelers), Royal Enfield, Isuzu and Renault Nissan.

Recipient of the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for five consecutive years.


Joint Venture established with Vitesco Technologies for the development of thermal management technologies for Electric Vehicles.
Joint Venture established with Saietta Group for the manufacturing of AFT motors for Electric Two-Wheelers.
Joint Venture established for Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Solution.
The Padmini VNA Group’s presence spans two plants in Gurgaon and one in Pune.

Our Values

Our Mission

Develop and manufacture innovative and quality clean mobility solutions to drive and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world

Our Vision

Develop cutting-edge clean technologies for a carbon neutral world.

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