• Leadership

A proven multi-tasker and result - oriented leader with over three decades of experience in automotive engineering, Mr. Kabir Bhandari is the Founder and Managing Director of Padmini VNA Mechatronics.

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R.K. Bhandari
Managing Director

Viveka Bhandari

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Viveka Bhandari
Chief Operating Officer
Sandeep Kumar
Chief Technology Officer
S.K. Pandey
Chief Financial Officer
Satya Bhargava
Chief Human Resources Officer
Pawan Vatsya
Head of Operations
SK Bhogal
Head of Purchase & VD
Pravin Kumar Singh
Head of Quality (In-Process, DC & Lab)
Ravi Kant Singh
Head of Quality (Customer, Suppliers & Systems)
Sameer Chauhan
Head of Central Planning & Program Management
Michael Pachmann
Sr. Vice President - Sales Marketing & Technology
Oliver Mann
Head of Business Development - Europe
Masaaki Takeuchi
Head of Business Development - Japan