Engineering Capablities + Advanced Simulation

Computer Aided Engineering [CAE]

engineering_capabilities_11_07_15_120482Global objective:

Delivering quality and innovative CFD and CAE solutions to our internal and external customers

Service approach:

We follow professional and methodical approach to offer our services. Our motto is to design a high quality product with a philosophy of doing it right the first time.


What we do:  

Work on three major areas:


  • Use one of the world's most leading and state of the art CFD/CAE simulation software and methodologies to design and develop a product for robust performance.
  • Integrate our simulation driven product development with our conventional product design right from concept design, testing and analysis through virtual prototyping till design finalization
  • Conduct design optimization studies for robust product performance and strength
  • Capture technical know-how in analysis process
  • Conduct CFD/CAE validation studies in correlation with experimental testing
  • Establish best practice guidelines for CFD and FEA
  • Reduce physical prototyping, product development time and cost thus enabling faster time to market

Our CAE Portfolios