Mar 01, 2021

Media Coverage Padmini VNA Develops Innovative ClearBlade Wiper

The Gurugram-based Padmini VNA Mechatronics has been focusing on expanding its products portfolio not only in its core area of mechatronics but also in adjacent areas in the automotive industry and others. Padmini VNA is into making a wide range of mechatronics products such as EGR valve, hybrid,electronics etc.

Founded in 1990, the company  dedicates itself to innovation, rapid design and development and lean production with automated quality control. It offers solutions for the rapidly changing emission control requirements and OEMs’ futuristic demands to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Spearheading innovation in its journey towards smarter automobiles, contributing its mite in making the planet green, the company recently developed ClearBlade Wiper. Speaking to this publication, Prakash Bhalekar, President and CEO, Padmini VNA Mechatronics India, said, the company always focuses on innovation and advance products.Clear blade wiper is the product which is innovative and contains special mechanism and uniqueness compared to other market available wipers. This reduces the visibility risk during the cleaning of the windshield for a safer driving experience. This is an innovative product with a patent which is registered in WIPO. According to him, this can be used in any vehicle - diesel, gasoline, hybrid, electric etc. The company is associated with all OEMs worldwide and focuses on innovation. ClearBlade wiper has similar features for the beneficial of the end-user, he added.

On the key driver to develop such an innovative product, Bhalekar said, “Mostly all OEMs use conventional wiper having old technology whether it is a budget, premium or heavy vehicle. Also, the conventional wiper leads to visibility risk not limited to one’s own vehicle but other vehicle passing by, during high speeds. Along with our partners, we thought to develop this wiper as Padmini VNA focuses on new technology and always eager to invest in R&D, which leads to the safety of the end-user.”

Padmini VNA’s vision is to incorporate new technological developments with ecological strategies. The newly developed product is achieving this objective. He said the ClearBlade Wiper reduces the visibility risk, low water consumption, safer driving  experience and much stronger cleaning capability against mud, ice and bugs off the windshield. “This product definitely meets Padmini VNA objective,” he said. These could even be part of the compelling reasons for the OEMs to accept this product. 

Bhalekar said and added, “The important thing is the end-user safety which is always Padmini VNA’s focus and OEM’s prime goal too. ClearBlade wiper also focuses on safety by reducing visibility risk along with long life due to its uniqueness. Padmini VNA is associated with all OEMs worldwide and committed to providing them with highest quality of products. We are sure we can cleaning aspect? He said, in the clear blade wiper, there are two rubber blades as compared to the conventional wiper which has only one blade. ClearBlade provides uniform fluid distribution across windshield even when used at high speed, avoids wastage of excess fluid that spills on the windshield surfaces or to other vehicles and is ideal for all conditions. While the blade is transparent, the arm is not. The primary objective of the clear blade wiper’s function is to avoid water spillage into the windshield, which causes poor visibility while driving. In case of ClearBlade wiper, it keeps the water in between the two wiping elements (rubber blades), and the fluid exits from the bottom of the wiper minimising haze. Also, in the conventional wiper there is an arm which carries the blades, he explained.

According to the company the ClearBlade will be supplied to OEMs and aftermarket. While the OE fitment is based on the entirely new design of the vehicle maker’s system, it will not be the same for the aftermarket. To facilitate retro fitment, the company has provided a connection in  the system with a universal joint which can accommodate three types of wiper holding system. In India, mostly U-hook bring this to OEMs’ attention as we are already in discussion with many of them.”

The wiper fluid flows through a row of outlets between two rubber blades on the wiper assembly. In the normal case, it would increase the blade’s thickness; else it would be fragile as there is a water channel in the blade. However, the solution that is developed by Padmini VNA is neither thick nor fragile, since it has a special wiper cover. The cover that

carries the water is made of PVC, which is flexible and UV resistant. The tiny orifice is made in the PVC cover. The cover and the wiper blades are supported by the central carrier which is made up of spring steel. This gives rigidity to the entire wiper blade, Bhalekar asserted.

This may, no doubt, result in conserving wiper fluid, but how does it optimise type joint is available. The ClearBlade has provision for connecting U-hook, small  pin and large pin-type  connection.  On the other hand, the wiper system also contains the extended rubber pipe along with T-connector which is easy to connect to the water supply pipe, he said.

“Our product is already validated as  per the global standard. We are ready with the prototypes and can offer to the customers for testing in the vehicle as per their requirement and can bring it into production in a nominal time frame,” he added.

The very DNA of Padmini VNA is innovation, and this is reflected in the Design & Development  Department, which has over 50 percent of its total employee strength, and investment of  over 10 percent of sales. With 45 patents to its credit, the company has been developing innovative solutions for the present and future problems. Some of the patented products include Vacuum Pump, which is lowest in the world in power consumption; first of its kind Dual Purge Valve, eCRV and Liquid Seat Cooling; Solar Thermal, which has best-in-class efficiency, and Waste Water Evaporator. Recently the company has developed a cooler jacket.