Nov 08, 2019

Padmini VNA Displayed Its Innovative Range Auto Components at the Hero Tech Show 2019 Hero RD Facility Jaipur

Padmini VNA appeared in The Hero Tech Show, organized at Hero R & D Facility, Jaipur on 1st August 2019. Padmini VNA displayed its designed Two-Wheeler Auto Components and Hybrid Products including Fuel Tank Isolation Valve, Smart Actuator, Purge Control Solenoid Valves, One Way & Two Way Valve, Crank Sensor, Temperature Sensor, IACV, Fuel Pump Motor and many more.

As our manufacturing continues to evolve from product advancement perspective, we showcased our greater emphasis on adopting sustainable strategies in our product development. Padmini VNA feels appreciated from the tremendous response by the visitors who perceives the information about our products.