Feb 01, 2023

We’re now officially a Great Place to Work!

This is an exciting certification for Padmini VNA as it is our first time participating in Great Place to Work® India! This is a significant accomplishment that highlights our company's commitment to creating a positive work environment for our employees.

Being recognized as a great place to work is not just a prestigious award, but it is also a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our employees and leadership team. It demonstrates that our company values its employees and is committed to creating a workplace culture that fosters growth, respect, and collaboration.

We know that our employees are our biggest asset, so maintaining a great place to work and a culture we can be proud of is not just another company’s culture; it’s embedded in everything we do. If you are seeking a fair workplace in which recognition is based on merit and your career model is based on skills, then our culture could be a fit for you.