AMT Oil Pump

1Key Features

    • Pump Capacity – 0.25 to 5 cc/rev (FLow rate- 0 to 5 lpm.)
    • Operating voltage- 11 VDC and 14.5 VDC2.
    • Delivery Pressure- 0 to 150 Bar.
    • Oil:- Compatiable for Tutela CS speed, Transsmisson oil, low viscoss oil.
    • Technical features of pumps- Compact design, Many different materials available, High differential pressures (up to 350 bar).


    • High durability and High pressure/dosing accuracy with low cost.
    • Emission control (electic operated) and low noise.
    • High availability and available with different range of flow and pressure.
    • High safety and Low maintenance.
    • large suction capacity with pressure head.

3Engine Type