Electric Water Pump

1Key Features

    • Robust Design Against “garbage” within the cooling circuit.
    • BLDC motor controlling with Back EMF detection method.
    • Shrouded Impeller Design used for hydraulic efficiency.
    • Speed Controlling feature with the help of PWM / LIN.
    • Facility to implement Online Diagnosis OBD Functions like Dry Run , Block detection with the help of 3 Pin Connector.
    • Low Working Voltage More Safety.
    • Withstand High Temperature Working Fluid.
    • Low & High voltage Input Protection.
    • Pump Loack Protection.


    • Leakproof Design
    • Over Current Protection
    • High Working Efficiency
    • Silent operation and Low Working Noise.
    • Overload Protection
    • Over current Protection.
    • Over Voltage Protection
    • Dry run feature up to 24 Hrs.

3Engine Type