Internship at PVNA

We give aspiring students the opportunity they need to combine theory and practice in an effective way, through a firsthand exposure to the industry as they study. We offer a six- month internship to final-year (BTech/B.E.) students from the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics and Electronics.

To encourage this internship for students, we also collaborate with various management and engineering colleges, following the process of ‘Pre-Placement Offers’ to hire and hone sharp and talented individuals who then demonstrate their excellence during their tenure at PVNA.

This internship is offered between January and June every year and intends to give valuable practical exposure through direct involvement in real projects and operations, in an innovative, challenging, and purposeful environment. You will be able to surround yourself with experts who will guide and help you achieve hyper-growth in your respective field of interest.

The departments in which this internship is offered, as well as the testing and onboarding processes are the same as mentioned for fresh graduates, so as to determine whether the students align with our expectations in terms of skills and potential. Those who complete their internship successfully with us are then absorbed as engineers in their respective department at PVNA itself upon their graduation.

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